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Thursday, June 19, 2003  

Top 10 Reasons to Live in Israel

With everything going on in Israel these days, a lot of you out there are probably thinking: what the heck are we doing living in a place like this. We must be crazy. Why do we put up with it? And most important: how can we put our children's lives at danger?

Oh, I know you don't like to think it. And you probably wouldn't say it to us face-to-face. But we know. Sometimes we wonder ourselves.

Which is why I created the following Top 10 List. The Top 10 Reasons to Live in Israel. Each of the reasons on the list is linked to a story from This Normal Life that illustrates the point.

If you have more reasons, please feel free to email me or click the Comments buttton and add your own.

#1. It’s the best way I know of to integrate your daily life with your Jewish life.
Read: Scouting the Normal Life

#2. If you keep kosher, you can eat whatever you want!
Read: Long Live the King
Listen to the audio essay

#3. Your children are able to live out your dream.
Read: Middle Earth, Middle East
Listen to the audio essay

#4. There’s no greater Jewish melting pot anywhere.
Read: CT

#5. History and meaning are intermingled at every corner.
Read: Bedtime for Gar-Bonzo
Listen to the audio essay

#6. The Jewish Calendar and Jewish Traditions provide the rhythm of life.
Read: Dancing with the Snakefish
Listen to the audio essay

#7. There’s never a dull moment.
Read: Verifiably Single
Listen to the audio essay

#8. There’s a huge variety of terrains in a very small package.
Read: TV Zombies

#9. You can see signs of growth and prosperity all around, yes, even today.
Read: Nation Under Construction
Listen to the audio essay

#10. You’re at the front lines of where Jewish history is being made.
Read: History in the Making
Listen to the audio essay

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